The ideal land location gives Dragon Hill 2 the advantages much more better than other places have. “Bringing the best values to life till the end” is the core motto which means being the Dragon Hill Residence and Suites 2 owners similar to the ability to receive the directly convenient life and all the service comforts such as an aerial swimming pool with resort style, tennis ground, BBQ space next to the windy riverside, gym, water fountain, supermarket, restaurant, coffee shop, playground for children, etc. 

Deserving the accolades of the highest order, the Dragon Hill Residence and Suites 2 is considered the place of convergence of unique cultures and mystery of popular. This is not only an entertainment park but is a world of childhood dreams to discover and study the legendary stories engraved with history and culture.

Listen to the live music rattling the coffee cups, or wallowing and waddling in the blue waters of the swimming pool, relaxing in the tranquil spa… Life is amazed by the awakening of your senses