Inspired by the liberal window panes along the shore of the Mediterranean and the resemblance of climate, Marcia Codinachs, a famous Spanish architect, brings soul into Galleria tropical houses on the East Coast to become ideal living space which is harmonious combination of office and home, a business street in the heart of SaiGon South. 
Located in Dragon City, driving about 3 kilometers from Phu My Hung center, Galleria spreads out more 300m in one side facing Nguyen Huu Tho, a major road linking HCM city center and Hiep Phuoc habour urban area, also directly connecting to the future inter-district highway in South.
In this stunning location, Galleria enjoys available facilities in the South city such as convenient traffic, nearby schools, hospitals, commercial centers and also closes to the future projects like South Saigon Golf Course, Hiep Phuoc new urban area, GS Xi Metro City,  and so on. In addition, Saigon Metro station is about 200m from Galleria, and after being on stream, city center is only 5-minute drive from here.
In the middle of lush green mangrove forest remaining in South Saigon, with modernism style, Marcia Codinachs architect- the dean of architecture faculty in Barcelona University- has infused an inspired over space with Flamenco dance and simplified lines and curves, but so satisfied into Galleria. It reminds the greatest painter Picaso’s remarkable work of art with breadth dance of the Mediterranean sunshine and wind.
Covering about 30% of 2,5 hectares the gross area, with varying size from 260 square meters to 600 square meters, Galleria comprises 58 four-storey villages that have both two bright and airy sides with wide glass window-panes. The inside space is scientifically designed to optimize capacity without separated by pillars in order to make space open throughout. It is really suitable for diverse demands in combining between creating business office, art gallery and decorating living space with owner’s style. 
Besides, Galleria provides residents a large basement spreading out the gross area 2.5 hectares that is designed separately for each village but also throughout together. Beside public path, there is a private way to own basement.  This place allows owner’s village to use it as wine cellar or cinema according to own style and personality. Furthermore, it is the ideal place that contains an impressive collection of private cars as well as has a capacity for the parking up to 10 guests.
Otherwise, Galleria glories to become one of the most excellent quality constructions due to the solid foundation and whole blocks of concrete. Plus, the computation of parameter structure is so absolute that whole area becomes a firm battleship, getting away from vibration and noise of surrounding traffic.
As its name say, Galleria is not only ideal living space, but it is also precious gift for people who have modern thought as well as loving Western lifestyle. Here is peaceful place where you come home to enjoy beauty-go-on and over artistic space, bearing the owner’s private mark. 
In the last fourth quarter of 2014, Kiến Á Corporation, real estate developer, has just completed to hand over 12 villages that is belonged in first period of Galleria project for customers. Recently, the rough has finished in whole of project, and the maintaining villages have been completing. The progress of finishing and transferring villages is expected at the end of 2015.