Ngan Long Commerical Townhouses is one of the key projects in the Dragon City urban area. Located on the bustling Nguyen Huu Tho street where the North-South road passing by, Ngan Long Commerical Townhouses is proud of being a pride “heart” of the youthful, energetic new urban area Saigon South. With its strategic location right in the intersection of transportation, trading actitives and connections of industrial parks and Saigon downtown areas, as well as synchronized planning space, those features make Ngan Long ready to create new bouncing force together with Dragon City and bring everlasting prosperity for the owners.

Ngan Long Commerical Townhouses has an area of 2,149 m2 including 60 isolating villas and double villas.  Each villa is a perfect, intelligent product with living space that can satisfy all dreams and is potential business locations, ensuring a comfortable life and prosperity for homeowners, in accordance with the name showing the luxury, high level and good  fortune of the Villas.

With its modern architecture, slender & youthful features, all the rooms in the Villas have open view, let  sunshine in when opening the windows, you can reach out for green leaves just by stretching your arms. The functional rooms of each Ngan Long villa have been  designed in a harmonious way which is and convenient for daily activities of every family member.


Come to Ngan Long, the homeowners can not only  stay or live but also re-invest through doing business by opening shops, offices, hotels, bank branches, etc.  Each villa has a facade for doing business and also a private and cosy space for family after busy moment of work. There is a separate walkway and garden, a quiet living space isolated from trade areas by a sophisticate and clever design


Luxury & youthful architecture with full of dynamism and creativity in each villa together with gardens in front and behind have created ventilation as well as helped to make use of the light and air movement. The room layout with balcony exposed outside, where we can wander our sights, let our souls go with surrounding landscapes, is an ideal place for relaxation after work and study. When choosing Ngan Long Commerical Townhouses to settle down, the owners not only enjoy life, nourish the soul but also get prosperity by wisely investing into this crowded and busy place.

Happy family, Good business, Dragon land delivers silver and gold... these are obvious evidences to well prove the message “PLACE WHERE VALUES WILL BE MULTIPLIED FOREVER” that the Phu Long investor fully recommended for Ngan Long Commerical Townhouses


The life-line street Nguyen Huu Tho will be more crowded by prosperity lives when residents of Ngan Long move to here to start to live and do business in 2010.