In an expanse of the romance, with the sun and wind, trees and birds, flowing rivers and spouting waters, the artisans have sketched two modern, greening and artistic buildings named Dragon Hill Residence and Suites 2 and painted it as Dragon City. 
1/ Perfect living space
In the waft of a cool breeze, the dandelion pollen floats its seeds permeating the Meadows of the Dragon. As time flies, the dandelion seeds bring forth flowering buds as the solid building arises and shines its splendor of colors
This sublime scenery soothes the eyes and satisfies the penchant for serenity. It is a home where modern lifestyle, comfort, and tranquility meet. 
2/ Defining a unique class
Dragon Hill Residence and Suites 2 is prominent because of its modern, artistic design, engraved by the harmony and balance of elements. Every apartment has two or three open picturesque views that grant enjoyment of landscapes in the ideal living room, bring nature to humankind.
3/ Every wonderful moment is captured in memory
At Dragon Hill Residence and Suites 2, security is set to highest standard. You can enjoy watching your children having fun and discovering the surrounding world. The wonderful experience will be etched in your memories of childhood
Every distant relationship is left behind. Only the loving feeling is present. The future is brightened each day
4/ Adding poise to value and modern lifestyle 
Connected to the class above the rest residences in Dragon City, Dragon Hill Residene and Suites 2 plays a role to add to the beauty of Vietnam culture given its modern and refined lifestyle combined in harmony by traditional festivals of Family Day, Tet Street, Mid-autumn Festival, Children’s Day…