1/ Construction size:

On the land plot of more than 12,000 m2 and with a construction floor area of 74,000 m2Dragon Hill Residence and Suites, with two 26-storey and 27-storey Apartment Blocks, offers 350 happy and peaceful places for  its residents.

Along with the art of harmonious arrangement, Dragon Hill Residence and Suites is in harmony with clear, cool space offering more than 9,000 m2 basement area, parking spaces for cars and motorcycles for residents.

Three floors of 2 blocks are built with perfect structure, reasonable layout offers over 20,000 square meters of commercial area, meeting the need of every kind of business. It is endowed with a wide Hall, a modern, sophisticated design with elegant colors, with separate elevator for each area.

2/ Design content

Dedicated to create a high-grade product, modern apartments, but still friendly and close to nature as “Villas in the air” class, Phu Long has broguht to Dragon Hill Residence and Suites a great design, all apartments have three airy sides, all rooms can get sunlights, air and winds from outside. The bathrooms are all airy and can get natural light, preventing wet and smelling condition.

Besides, Dragon Hill is very diverse in terms of utilities in order to bring to the owners more choices for a precious family full of happiness: 67m2, 87m2, 92m2, 104m2, 117m2, 86m2, 122m2.

In addition, in order to create a different, modern and attractive beauty for the entire project, Phu Long has put on a bridge in the air for Dragon Hill Residence and Suites to connect the two apartments blocks, giving residents a convenient back and forth traffic in order to use the available utilities right at their doors, bringing high aesthetic value within the overall architecture.

Each apartment of Dragon Hill Residence and Suites is considered a "Villa in the air", bringing its owner a quiet, private realm, to enjoy precious moments with the family.