Located on the area of 7,441 m2, at subdivision No.8 under the master plan of Dragon City, PVGas Tower office building is 15-storey high, pridefully rising with the cube-shaped architecture which is neat, harmonious, environment friendly, looking over natural landscapes. The building is surrounded by a special reflective glass, which is well installed, creating a quiet, cool space separated with the noise of the outside urban life


PVGas Tower office building is a high-grade office complex with a floor area of 22,615 m2 together with a commercial center of 8,680 m2 providing an active and effective working and trading place. With a comfortable and luxury design with many airy sides, PVGas Tower will bring a perfect workplace which is flooded with lights and energy, stimulating the passion & innovation at work.


Located on an ideal place, situated  among high-educated communities of Kim Long luxury villas and Ngan Long Commerical Townhouses of Phu Long, PVGas Tower is making the place become crowded, bustling with the hustle working pace and full of office colors of graceful aodai or elegant suits of office people.


After almost 2 years of construction and finishing, on July 6, 2011, PVGas Tower was officially put into operation.  It may be said that the present of PVGas Tower will create a momentum for the prosperous growth of Dragon City, help residents here enjoy all door-to-door utilities and financial & banking services, food courts, fashion stores,  entertainment, shopping centers... Life at Kim Long Villas and Ngan Long seemed to be more crowded, with PVGas Tower to decorate Dragon City, made it a highly-educated and civilized community