Social development means the green coverage is reduced. Fully understood this, Dragon Parc Villas is  designed by Phu Long investor with the focus on verdure, lakes, fresh landscape to take you back to mother nature. This is an outstanding advantage which not all projects can make it. "Open" structure harmonizes with the intended arrangement will help residents of Dragon Parc communicate and live in nature every day.


Whether it is a new movie, or a unique cuisine, whether it is a famous university or  a devoted doctor so on and so forth, owners will not miss anything at Dragon Park simply because Dragon Parc is located in the intersection of the service, untilities of the area and  within 2 km radius.

With the idea of building a complex of villas which is not only modern but also friendly, and mixed with the natural environment, Dragon Parc villas complex is a quiet sky and green area, is the convergence place of noble residents.

Phu Long always accompanies the famous consultancy firms such as Subana (Singapore), Space Matrix, Connell Wagner (Australia), ... with the aim to provide an excellent quality product