1/ Prime location - Complete Infrastructure: 
Dragon Hill Residence and Suites is located on the North axis Nguyen Huu Tho, on The Southern of Saigon which is active and developed, side-by-side with Phu My Hung model urban area.
A complete and synchronize area-wide infrastructure: transporting through North-South axis of Nguyen Huu Tho (60 m in width), power supply (Hiep Phuoc), water supply (Φ1000 BOO Thủ Đức). especially Metro line No.4 from Ben Thanh to Hiep Phuoc with the station located within Dragon City

2/ Delicate & Unique Architecture: 
- New & modern in Singaporean style with overhead bridges between the 2 blocks making it convenient for residents.  The Designs focused on green area and landscape integrated with nature.
- All apartments have 3 or 4 airy surfaces which can get natural light, fresh air and wind to each functional area of the apartment. Wide range of area (67 m2, 86 m2, 87 m2, 92 m2, 104 m2, 117 m2, 122 m2) to meet the different needs of customers.
Wide, modern & refined hall area with elegant colors for residents, and independent from commercial services area.
Stairs and public corridors are wide, clear and filled with natural light.

3/ Solid structure:
Dragon Hill Residence and Suites is designed in accordance with UK and US standards: the thick concrete floor from 20 to 35 cm helps to prevent noise, bearing structure made of hard-wall helps to optimize space, as well as is able to resist earthquake, avalanche and big vibrations.

4/ Advanced electrical technology:
- Australian modern mechanical and electrical standards with the aim of bringing safe, modern and cost-saving green energy to every home.
- Automatic Fire fighting systems to each apartment.
- Tap water treated by UV radiation technology.
- Modern elevator.

5/ Renowned consultant:
Phu Long always accompany the consultant list, with the aim to provide an excellent quality product

6/ Renowned consultant:
- Along with apartments handover is management service such as 24h security with modern camera systems, keeping the area clean and hygiennic 7 days a week by cleaning twice a day, caring for trees, pruning, watering the plants regularly every day; operation and maintenance of the swimming pool, clubhouse, gym, children's play ground; 24h valet.
- Professional management services, ensuring the best quality of living, and saving overall management cost.
7/Decicated and Prestigious Investor:
- Phu Long investor take commitment to customer that the value of real estate products is always increased over time through consistent policies of the Board of Directors of the company
- Phu Long investor offer a very good after-sales policy and customer care service to customers, which is proven by the satisfactions of  our customers in two villas Kim Long-Ngan Long
- Phu Long is an prestigious and professional investor and developer of real estate, with projects completed with the highest commitment to the client of an ideal living environment with a selected and civilized community.
High construction quality, completed legal documents